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Concrete Floor

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Concrete is one of the most durable and reliable flooring options for both residential and commercial establishments. It can withstand heavy foot and equipment traffic, and fast-paced living. In fact, it can even outlive you. While many people tend to think that concrete is the same old boring and dull floor, there are actually more than a lot of concrete floor finishes to make it vibrant, attractive, and valuable. At Houston Stamped Concrete, we can attest to that.

What can you do with your concrete floors?

Color it. Add life to your gray concrete floor by coloring it. Basically, coloring is done by adding up a special liquid or powder to the concrete mis, which may result to a lighter all throughout the floor surface. If you want a darker shade, a color hardener may be speckled across the new concrete floor.

Stain it. Concrete staining is another way of revamping your concrete floor. While colored concrete can be achieved during the floor construction process, staining can be done even after your flooring has been established or installed. It could take several years before staining and it doesn’t matter at all. If you’d like to create a whole new image to your home, call Houston Stamped Concrete and we’ll discuss the options.

Stamp it. Aside from color and stain, you can also create texture through concrete stamping. Stamped concrete floors essentially come in many shapes and sizes. These customized shapes can be stamped onto the floor surface to achieve a unique look for your floor. Create images of marble, tile, stone, and brick, and you’ll ultimately have an elegant and attractive concrete floor for both your interiors and exteriors.

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Concrete Floors Pros and Cons

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Broom it. To create an easy textured look, use the broom finish. It is done by casually sweeping a broom over a wet concrete. Depending on how hard the bristles are pushed onto the surface, the space and overall look of the concrete finish may be created. Different brooms may be used to create your desired look. The key here is to know what you want the output to be. Concrete floors make great permanent flooring that lasts a lifetime.

One major advantage to concrete flooring is that you never have to replace it.  Other building products used in flooring typically need replacing.  Carpet, wood, and sometimes even tile.  The major con about using concrete for you floor is, well it’s hard.  If you drop something on a concrete floor it is probably going to break.  Same for many other types of flooring too though.

Polished Concrete Floor

Stained Concrete Floors

Polish it. Another very cost-effective method of texturing and refurbishing concrete floor is through polishing. The process usually involves grinding, treating, and polishing to create a brilliant flooring option. It is one of the best contemporary solutions for modern day living, as it is easy to install and maintain. It basically offers a seamless and clean floor surface that requires only an occasional mopping to keep it shiny and polished. No more messy waxing. With sealer application, it effectively protects the concrete against dust or allergen formation, making it a healthy alternative for your loved ones who have allergies.

If you’re all set to create a whole new look for your concrete floor, you know who to call. With our unsurmountable experience, highly-skilled technicians, excellent workmanship and superb customer service, Houston Stamped Concrete will make your dream home come to life. Call us now and we’ll set an appointment right away.

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