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Stained Concrete Floors

Stained Concrete Floors

Concrete flooring may seem boring and lifeless. Come to think of it, concrete floors are indeed cold, dull, and gray. It is durable and lasts relatively longer than other flooring surfaces, but it will also give your home an uncomfortable and unpretty feel. The good news is, you can add vibrance and appeal to your rather drab floor through a stained concrete project. This newest home improvement trend will definitely change minds about using concrete for flooring. With the help of Houston Stamped Concrete, we’re sure you’ll get the look and feel that you deserve.

What are the benefits of having stained concrete floors?

Extremely low maintenance

Basically, stained concrete flooring only require very low maintenance compared to other flooring surfaces. You don’t have to put in too much effort when cleaning as the floors can be easily mopped, polished, and swept to make it look brand new once more. Generally, polishing will be done by our team right after installation. Over time, the shine may disappear but all it takes is a few polishing and it will shine bright again. Stained concrete floor in very high foot and equipment traffic areas may need to be regularly buffed and polished to maintain its vibrant look.

Improved indoor air quality

The air quality inside your home may be compromised due to a number of harmful particles and substances like mold, mildew, dust, smoke, moisture, and organic compounds. Stained concrete flooring effectively eliminates these air quality issues since it does not create a thriving environment for the said substances. It does not collect dust nor absorb unhealthy moisture. You don’t have to use harmful chemicals when cleaning stained concrete, too. During installation, the volatile organic compounds used are little to none.

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Residential Concrete Floors

Stained Concrete Floor

Very high durability and reliability – It has long been established that concrete flooring is one of the most durable and resilient flooring options for both residential and commercial establishments. Concrete is made of materials that are stronger and will last longer than any other surfaces. In fact, your concrete floor may even outlive you in the long run. While carpets and wood need to be replaced from time to time, you don’t have to worry about your concrete floors at all. Staining your concrete floor will not weaken its durability. In fact, it makes it even sturdier, especially in high traffic areas. Unlike wood or paint, stained concrete floors will not flake, wobble, or warp, losing its brilliance and shape. Stained concrete flooring is also resistant to harmful UV rays that could fade or discolor other flooring surface. Applying paint on your concrete floor will only result to eventual peeling or chipping. With stained concrete, you won’t encounter the same issue.

Enhanced aesthetic value

Your stained concrete floor project essentially comes in various stains and design patterns, so whatever the theme of your home may be, you’ll always find something that would suit your taste. At Houston Stamped Concrete, we create floor designs that are not only attractive, but works well with the overall aesthetic value of your home or establishment. Depending on what you want, we can also add stains to create unique floor patterns based on the color palette of your walls and furniture. So long as the stained concrete floors are installed properly, you will be able to capture the theme and look that you want for your home. In fact, most stained concrete flooring surfaces will look more elegant and expensive than marble, granite, slate, and sandstone, to name a few. The best part of this project? It is very affordable. Imagine getting the home of your dreams at a relatively lower cost?

Acid Stained Concrete Floors

High sustainability

With today’s trend on environment-friendly projects, the stained concrete flooring options only use sustainable materials and products during its construction and installation process. Initially, concrete is already an efficient product when it comes to energy saving. Staining also use local products as well as recycled materials to create a sustainable material that ultimately creates an attractive home improvement look while giving back to the environment, as well.

Energy-efficient feature

Aside from its cost-effectiveness, stained concrete floors are also very energy-efficient. They have the capacity to effectively absorb and release either heat or coolness throughout the entire room. Since the stained concrete floor has a thermal mass feature, you won’t have to worry about the HVAC getting compromised. In fact, it reduces the load of the HVAC system by essentially regulating the temperature from outside your home.

Are you ready to get on with this fantastic yet cost-effective home improvement project? With the expertise of Houston Stamped Concrete, you’ll soon enjoy a brand-new feel for your home. Call us now and we’ll set an appointment.

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Acid Stained Concrete Floors
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