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Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete

Are you looking for stamped concrete in Houston? Do you need a concrete contractor to pour your driveway? No problem! We are the Houston’s premier stamped concrete contractor. We specialize in stamped concrete, concrete stain, and stained concrete floors. We work in Houston and all surrounding areas. Our knowledgeable staff is licensed and insured and here to help. We have decades of experience pouring concrete. Houston Stamped Concrete turns plain old cement into beautiful concrete decor.

It’s undeniable that there are several building products out there that are beautiful. There’s pavers, stone, brick, or slate to name a few. The great thing about stamped concrete is that we can achieve the look and feel of any of these products. Even better, stamped concrete has the low maintenance and long lifespan of standard concrete. People in Houston know us as Houston’s premier concrete stamping contractor. Our team has decades of experience in stamping concrete.

As Houstonians, we know how popular Stamped concrete is. Many sources say that Houston leads the nation for interest in decorative concrete. Our homeowners and business owners understand the value in decorative concrete. Stamped concrete is so popular because of that value. It is much more affordable than competing products like stone, pavers, or brick.

Stamped Concrete Patio

You need to choose a concrete contractor like Houston Stamped Concrete. We offer a wide selection of different designs, patterns, colors, textures. Our installers have been at this for some time now. We can achieve fantastic random designs or perfect patterns. It’s amazing the look and feel of our finished stamped concrete work.

When you make the decision to build or rebuild your patio, sidewalk, or driveway, think about stamped concrete.  This product is visually appealing and extremely durable.  It has become very popular in Houston.  Stamped concrete looks and feels like high-end products like natural stone or pavers but doesn’t carry their pricetag.  The affordability makes it more attractive because the savings can go towards your next outdoor project.

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Concrete Stain

Stained Concrete

We offer concrete stain services for homeowners, local businesses, and industrial clients. Our concrete staining service creates unique embellishments. Concrete stain can add an attractive finished look to your concrete flooring or driveway. Talk to our experienced staff about how to use a combination of stains to create your desired look.

If we use concrete stain over a polished concrete floor, it will give the floor a stone or marble look.  All this at just a fraction of the cost of marble. If you are interested in learning more about concrete staining services, contact the experts at Houston Stamped Concrete.

Concrete staining is actually only applying an acid-based stain to a concrete slab. Every project will look unique because each piece of concrete takes the stain differently. The most common color of stain for concrete produces earthy tones. Stain manufacturers have expanded their color selections but the subtle tones look best. If you did not know, concrete staining makes beautiful flooring. Concrete is such a versatile product now with all the colors, textures, and finishes.

Stained Concrete Floors

There are many benefits to stained concrete floors. It doesn’t matter if the concrete is new or old, it can be stained after grinding and polishing it. Stained concrete floors are a very attractive flooring option for both their looks and affordability.

One of the benefits of stained concrete floors is durability. Concrete stains are very durable. They are not known to chip, fade, or peel. If you want to bullet proof your stained concrete floor, it can also be sealed with epoxy or a urethane.

Want to talk about flooring that is cost-effective? Concrete staining is very affordable. This concrete flooring solution makes the most sense for large areas or commercial areas.

Stained concrete floors provide an attractive finish. Concrete stain will transform a regular concrete slab into something beautiful. Get the expensive look of marble or even glazed stone.

One of the most popular benefits of stained concrete is its low maintenance. Staining concrete creates a smooth surface. It is both easy to clean and requires nothing more than an occasional damp mop. Something that most people do not think about… unless you’re in HVAC is indoor air quality. Stained concrete floors do not trap dust or other allergens.

Concrete Contractor

Houston Stamped Concrete is a family owned and operated concrete contractor. We have been a concrete contractor in the Houston area for over 20 years.

We are both a residential concrete contractor and a commercial concrete contractor. Our professional staff can provide you with no obligation proposal. We provide the type of service that keeps our clients happy and coming back for years to come.